First album (1999)

I composed the music for S.O.S. Constellations in a linear chronological fashion, as if it were a suite. I created each piece with a real sequence that recognizes its chronological order. Once I had composed a piece, I wrote the next, making sure it related to the preceding piece musically or through a melodic reference, in order to connect each piece through links such as stars, in a way that would generate acoustic constellations.The title of this first album is my way of illustrating this concept.
The effect of these short pieces that succeed one another as they blend into a longer composition is to focus the listener’s attention through a musical frame that accompanies the un-interrupted sequence of his or her thoughts.

album cover off S.O.S. Constellations 1999
Album cover 1999
album cover re edition of S.O.S. Constellations 2009
Album cover 2009

The main instrument, called cimbalom in Asia and hammered dulcimer in Eastern Europe, would seem to be the piano’s ancestor but, contrary to the piano, one plays the cimbalom with hammers in hand. I have recorded a number of the melodies and musical themes of this first album on computer, using Midi software techniques (e.g.: Cubase) and the step-time method, that is one note at a time. Still relying on the computer, I then created arrangements in real time around the main themes. Finally, I added real instruments to generate ambiance and transform this program in sounds, including the mandolins that repeat the sound of the cimbalom.

hammer dulcimer
Hammer Dulcimer

However, some of the melodies that were originally programmed were then totally replaced with real instruments such as the recorder in Andromède or the saxophone in Dragon no 7, a process that confers the music a human touch.

My idea was to find the point at which the human ear distinguishes natural sounds from their synthetic counterparts.

For a number of practical and less practical reasons, the two resulting suites, each lasting 26 minutes, were inverted during editing; thus, the album begins with the second part and ends with the first.

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