Cover of the album "Now Here ands Nowhere" 2010


"Now Here and Nowhere" has been composed in a
3 weeks period, when I was in a forced break
while mixing BARONG (2nd album)

                                               serpen Hopi  
from the book of the Hopi  

Meanwhile this sudden and silent pause, I found myself doubting about creating new material as good as the one I was mixing... So I decided to try to compose right there, simply and without any theme or main idea.
I start to weave freely with a few ambiances recorded earlier keept in my archives and without noticing it, the first piece I did could not contain all the flow of ideas comming to me.


The next pieces would follow by overflow, the ideas that could'nt be included into the piece in progress would be the main theme for the next song and so on
for three weeks of intense fun work and inspiration...

After recording a dozen of pieces, I had to go back to the mixing of the BARONG album. I thought to myself that those recordings would only be demos and i would have to re-record it. But when the time came to work again on this new album, I was pleased to find that most of those tracks were good because they had captured the full spirit and inspiration of that precise moment

  serpent hopi
They had a Zen ambiance and the arrangements were light and aerial instead of the usual density that caracterise Dragon-off's music. So, I only had to work on some of the pieces who only needed a final touch to finish the album...
Kachina Hopi
Hopi Kachina



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3rd Album Now here and Nowher on Bandcamp

Mp3 of the album "Now Here and Nowhere"

Phot de Pierre De Gagné
Pierre De Gagné

Now Here :
Very ambiant and aerial, this piece is a "clin d'oeil" to Sergio Leone western films (Ennio Morricone) with it's wistled melody, banjo solo and electric guitar.

Mp3: Now Here

Pat Kalimba : This piece first appeared as a Sequencer exercice given to my students, using kalimba samples. One of my student, Patrick Maltais, composed a theme who sounds very similar to dragon-off music... Patrick proposed me to use this hip-hop riff for Dragon-off newest album. I restructured the piece and orchestrated with guitars, lyre, and indonesian chants to give it a world-hip-hop flavour.

Mp3: Pat Kalimba

Photo de Catherine Barbier
Catherine Barbier

: In an Oriental ambiance with tabla, sitar and Indian raga chants, is designed a middle-east melody sung by Catherine Barbier: an Arab complain about the heart of the immigrant far away from home...

Mp3: Arabesque

Kecak Chant :
Composed around a rhythm taken from a specialised electronic music magazine, with restructured kecak voices that I've recorded in Bali, weaved of mandolins, this piece goes into the deepest of humanity's heart

Mp3: Kecak Chant
papuik flute indinesienne
Papuik (flute from Bali)

Mood Batak :
A melody borrowed from a Batak Karo singer of Sumatra is mixed with my singing and orchestrated with lyre, Papuik (indonesian flute), mandolin, tempura and a banjo solo...

Mp3: Mood Batak

Clap Town : A very rhythmic neo-flamenco piece with classical guitar and banjo... (andalouse style).

Mp3: Clap Town
One sting Lyre

Lyre Land
: One of the most ambiant piece in a happy Major tonality where the lyre is in "ostinato" and the vocal harmonies are in deep contrast with a cougar complain.

Mp3: Lyre Land

: Inspired from the book of the Hopi, first North American Indians, the vocal game between real and synthetized voices put us into an aerial Amerindian life...

MP3: Doom
                                                        snake Hopi 
Image Hopi du maïs
Hopi Corn

Beat Nick
: Here's a sweet blend between styles... On a hip-hop rhythm alterns a rock riff and a celtic melody where a mandolin, violin and guitar play hide and see.

Mp3: Beat Nick

Holy Owl
: Prog rock style, guitars dialog with guttural and percussive chants singing: Holy Owl, living on the mountain road... Holy Owl, living with the indian soul...

Mp3: Holy Owl
Dessin Hopi symbole de l'esprit de la terre
Symbol Hopi of the spirit of the earth


Wild Wicked World
: This experimental rock piece uses electro-acoustic sounds (University archives) in the way of creating very strange ambiances, full of funny little sounds (like insects), that arise into a kind of energic Russian Ska played on a guitalele (blend between guitar and ukulele) and a Quatro.

Mp3: Wild Wicked World

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Dragon-off 3rd Album Now Here and Nowhere on Bandcamp
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